Info / Pricing

Quantity Price (USD)
Standard Jcard or 1 Extra Panel
Price (USD)
2 Extra Panels
Turnaround Time
25 $55 + Shipping $60 + Shipping 2-3 weeks
50 $110 + Shipping $120 + Shipping 2-3 weeks
75 $130 + Shipping $140 + Shipping 2-3 weeks
100 $160 + Shipping $170 + Shipping 2-4 weeks
150 $225 + Shipping $235 + Shipping 3-4 weeks
200 $275 + Shipping $300 + Shipping 3-5 weeks
Additional Services
Creating the cassette layout from scratch $20 3-7 days
Cassette layout printing E-mail for estimate 1-2 weeks
Shipping Info
If you’re in the Chicago area, I can deliver the tapes myself so you don’t have to pay for shipping.
Shipping costs will be calculated once the tapes are finished.
Additional Info
All the printing and duplicating is done in house DIY style. Clear stickers are not available at this time.
Templates for j-cards and sticker labels are provided.
Each tape release gets its own catalog # and has to placed in the artwork somewhere with a simpler DBD Tapes logo as well. [DBD###]
From the first pressing of each release, the label keeps the master tape. So, you’ll receive one less tape from the amount ordered. No tapes are kept from any future pressings.
Since this is a label of sorts, We’ll have to hear some of the release before it’s approved.
Cassette Color Options